Charity Car Show | LowDown in DubTown Prep 2016

Charity Car Show | LowDown in DubTown Prep 2016

Charity Car Show at Airkooled Kustoms

We’re less than a day away from the charity car show at Airkooled Kustoms in Hazel Green, Alabama. The shop’s in ship-shape and ready for campers to show up tonight, and a horde of volks to show up tomorrow. The krew worked hard to get it all looking good, cleaned up, and detailed.

Some were on detail detail today, in fact! The Dubs (and newcomer 1960 Porsche) are shined and sparkling. The weather’s going to be great.

What’s Up for this Year’s Charity Car Show?

We’ve got “Innocent Monday” from Nashville coming to jam on the shop’s porch. Crossing Paths Animal Rescue is our charity this year, and will benefit from donations and the 50/50 Engine Blow. We’ve got Tech Talks scheduled throughout the day.

Chupper Time Catering from Huntsville will join us – you will NOT go hungry. Mmmm mmmmm. You might even get a taste of Spook’s legendary Meatloaf of Death, too.

Want to win one of Snoopy’s exclusive LDDT trophies? This is the only show where you can get one… if the people vote for YOUR ride.

We Love Our Sponsors

We are grateful to our event sponsors, which this year include:

– Ed’s Foreign Car Parts in Gadsden, AL
– FinishMasters of Huntsville, AL
– O’Reilly’s of Hazel Green, AL
– Michael Case

Come on out! Gates open at 8:00 tomorrow, Saturday 10/15/16 and the show gears up at 10:00. Admission is free, and your donations are most appreciated as we help Crossing Paths Animal Rescue to rescue homeless pets in Alabama and help them find forever homes up north.

Parking for show cars is at 458 Guy Wilson Road, Hazel Green, AL 35750. For attendees (non-Dubs), parking has been graciously provided by Hazel Green Baptist Church, which is right around the corner – less than a block away.

Get even more details about the show right here on the event page. You can also pre-register your Dub or Porsche.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Dubscope – Time to Make the Trophies for the Low Down in Dub Town VW Show

VW Show

[NOTE: Vertical because it’s a Periscope – but we hear we can now do landscape, so we’ll do that next time. Also, this was recorded with a live Periscope audience. You can’t see their comments and hearts, so our responses may make you question our sanity. Not to worry – not losing all marbles yet!]

It’s Saturday, which means we’ve got diehards working hard at the shop today, including Snoopy who’s working on this year’s car show awards. While last year, he took another tack on the ever-popular skeletal hand, this year the crowd favorite is back.

He starts out by looking through a bunch of odds and ends, pieces and parts, to find anything that’ll work to make hands. Then there’s welding and often some muttering.

Jim’s fun to harass a bit – and even though he seems a tad grouchy, he’s one of the good guys. An extraordinarily talented artist, a true brother, and a guy who’s fun to hang out with, Jim’s one of the owners of Airkooled Kustoms. [Hey, don’t tell him all this nice stuff was written – we don’t want to have to live that down!]

After bugging Jim a bit, we take a look at what’s new with Miss Mabel. The project is nearing completion – well, as complete as she’ll be before her trek out to Las Vegas for the October 1-4, 2015 Ultimate VW Build-Off competition and show. There’s always a lingering punch list of details to tend to, and it’s tough even though the items are so minute nobody’s likely to even notice them, even if they knew to look for them! That’s the curse of the shop’s level of OCD – but it sure does lead to some excellent work.

New to Mabel just in the past couple of days are her kustom stitched door cards and grip bars. The red courtesy lights really make the stitching show up and make you take notice! There are also bolster pillows in the back seat, bearing the Mabel label (oh that’s fun to say!). Kind of reminiscent of a fainting couch, which would have been popular back in the original Mabel’s day – and of course, that could come in handy if anyone gets overcome by the vapors while checking out this gorgeous build. Well, maybe not. Getting into the back seat in order to faint would be a feat of its own. But you get the idea!

The ragtop is now fully installed and functional, and as of this morning, the back windshield is in as well. We’ll have to show you that on the next Dubscope.

1959 VW Beetle Ragtop – Miss Mabel Gets Cut

1959 VW Beetle Ragtop – Miss Mabel Gets Cut

1959 VW Beetle Ragtop – Miss Mabel

Mabel’s looking drop-dead gorgeous now that she’s got her paint on. Spook shot her with BASF paints in colors he custom-created for this VW restoration project.

Now begins the cutting – or, scratchy, scratchy, as he says. While the clear might be glamorous… after all, it is BASF’s Glamour Clear, the process is not. It’s a lot of work, and he’ll cover every millimeter of this car’s surface many times over, using increasingly fine grit.

“Shiny is just scratches you cannot see.”

Miss Mabel is Airkooled Kustoms’ entry into the 2015 Ultimate VW Build-Off in Las Vegas, NV this October. She’s a 1959 VW Beetle Ragtop that Spook has had for years – one of those “some day” kinds of projects. That day came when the shop got its invitation to compete in the Build-Off.

The rules of the contest are simple:
1. Has to be a vehicle that rolled off the factory line as an air-cooled ride.
2. Has to be a new project, started and completed within the time of the contest (about a year).
3. $20,000 cap on parts.

Thank goodness there’s no cap on the labor, because the labor alone would make Miss Mabel go WAY over that cap.

Airkooled Kustoms is proud and honored to have many excellent vendors, suppliers, and friends sponsoring the build. It’s a major commitment of resources to build a car like this as a showpiece, and we could not do it without our sponsors’ support. Two sponsors we are especially pleased to have supporting the build is BASF, our paint manufacturer, and FinishMasters, our paint distributor. These two fine companies take great care of us, deliver excellent paint supplies, and are top-notch all the way around. We very much appreciate their help with Miss Mabel.

You can learn more about Miss Mabel, and even become a sponsor, by visiting the Mabel page on this site.

You can learn more about the Ultimate VW Build-Off 2015 by visiting the show’s site here: – and if you happen to be in Vegas the first week of October 2015, we hope you’ll come by and see us and enjoy gawking at some of the most beautiful Dubs built this year. The competition features the top VW builders bringing their very best work. While some may be bringing client projects, others, like Airkooled Kustoms, are building vehicles specifically for the contest.

How to Keep Your Ride Safe at a VW Car Show

How to Keep Your Ride Safe at a VW Car Show

(UPDATE (4/21/15): “Hot” Wheels Recovered After Theft from VW Car Show)

Fans, Friends, and Family. It is was with sad heart that we reported a dub theft yesterday at BaP in Chattanooga, TN. With that being said, here are some tips to help keep your ride safe at a show.

  1. Got Your Keys?
    Make sure you have your keys on your person. Shows can get busy when we find ourselves doing the grip and grin, catching up with old acquaintances, it’s easy to forget.
  2. That Ride Won’t Run!
    If you’re parked over night on the show grounds; pull your coil wire or even all the wires. Disabling the vehicle or at least making it hard to the old “run and roll”. If it’s hard for them to get moving quick they will probably look for easier pickings.
  3. Keep Your S.A. Up.
    Look out for your mates and their rides. Just you asking a question may run off a ne’er do well. Situational awareness is king. If you know someone is camping close to your baby, ask them to do a spot check on your ride, even if it’s on the way to the crapper.
  4. Open Your Mouth.
    Report all suspicious activity and get as many details as you can about what you saw. Don’t be a hero. We don’t want your wig split open being a hero. Contact authorities and show personnel ASAP.
  5. Keep Your Deets Handy.
    Know your vehicles information. VIN, Registration, etc. having pics helps as well. You got a smart phone, let it make you smart. It helps during the reporting process if it does go missing.
  6. We’ve All Got “THAT” Friend…
    Make sure it wasn’t one of your mates with “that” sense of humor. We have all seen that happen and know “that” guy.

This is Airkooled Kustoms’ Chief of Security with your Stay Alert, Stay Alive minute.

What are your safeguards for strange shows in strange lands?


Be on the lookout for this 1968 VW Drop Gate Single Cab, which was stolen from the East Ridge, TN at Camp Jordan, at the Bug-A-Palüsa VW car show. If you see it, call the cops!



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