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If your ride’s looking rough inside, and you’re starting to drool over custom interiors and contemplate your options, you should contact us now.
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Custom Auto Interiors, Because You Can’t Keep the Badass Out

Why do classic car lovers go for custom interiors? Because what’s inside matters. From your carpet to your headliner, your seats to your shift boots, you want it to match your vision for your restoration project.

Whether you want bone stock or a kustom interior that shows your own personal flair, our Interiors department can make it happen.
Vehicle interior
Stitched interior

How Can Something So Soft Be So Tough?

If you’ve tried to get your classic car’s interior done by a local shop, you know the true meaning of the word frustration. It’s not unheard of for projects to linger for months past the promised due date, never even touched by human hands.

It’s not that interiors shops aren’t good at what they do. They are. It’s more that for most, there’s no specializing. They could work on hundreds of radically different projects in any given year. Makes it awfully hard to get in a groove that way.
Restored VW

You Could Try Your Hand at a DIY Custom Car Interior…

We’ve seen hobbyists do a decent job on their interiors, and know they poured a lot of money and time into the project. There’s just no other way to get the gorgeous VW or Porsche interior you’ve always pictured for your ride.

DIY is not for everyone, though. You’ll need pattern-making skills, master-level sewing skills, and an industrial grade sewing machine. After all, you’ll be working with heavy textiles and leather – and a regular sewing machine is unlikely to survive the project.

Your materials will be expensive, whether you go it alone or outsource your interior to a pro. If you do decide to take the project on yourself, be sure to follow the old adage, “Measure twice, cut once” – well, actually you might want to measure five or six times just to be sure.

With leather, you only get one chance to cut and sew it right. Once the needle punctures the leather, the hole is there for good. It’s not like cloth, which self-heals. That’s a major reason most of our clients prefer to leave this task in the hands of an expert.

Spectacular Custom Auto Interiors, Starting from Scratch

Some of our custom auto interior clients know exactly what they want. Some have no idea yet. The best way to prepare for your car interior project is to start collecting pictures of interiors you like.

We’ll begin with a consultation, either here at the shop or over phone, email, or Skype. Some of the initial questions you’ll want to consider:

  • Do you want leather or vinyl?
  • What color?
  • Do you have pictures of what you want?
  • Or, do you want to just give us free reign to design something badass for your approval?

Next, we’ll order samples and create drawings so you can see what your interior will look like when it’s complete. We’ll keep working with you until we find a look you’ll love.

Once we’ve got a plan in place, it’s creation time. The final step is installation, which requires incredible technical skill to do right. The hands of an amateur can turn the most gorgeous custom interior into a torn, holey mess at this stage. If you imagine doing yoga in a cramped space, upside-down, breathing glue fumes, you’ll understand why this phase of the project is so difficult.

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