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Stock Restorations, Darkside Conversions,
or a little tlc for your dub?

When a customer comes to us with a restoration project, they usually know exactly what they want. Original or Darkside… Full Frame-Off Show Car restoration or the Daily Driver Package. And those are opposite extremes. There are many shades of gray in between.

We can help guide you to the restoration type and level that's right for you. And if you've given a restoration a go at home and decided that's not for you, we can probably finish it up for you. Our goal is for you to have the Volkswagen you've been dreaming of for so long.
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Kustom Interiors on the Darkside

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Kustom & Original Suspensions

Changing the geometry of your front-end is not for the faint-of-heart. It requires precision cutting, accurate alignment and delicate welding. Whether it’s a mild drop, a slight rake, or an in-the-weeds pan scraper you’re looking for, Airkooled Kustoms is your first stop to get the perfect drop! Check out our Products page for more info on our custom narrowed beams.
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Professional Paint & Body

Plastic is for toys, not vintage vehicles. That’s why at Airkooled Kustoms, we pride ourselves in using little, if any, body fillers in our restorations. As you’ve probably already heard, metal is our medium. We got tools and the skills to smooth out every wrinkle and imperfection in your vehicle before it goes into the paint booth.
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Engines and Transaxles

If you are a sheet metal wizard or a guru with the paint gun but you just can’t get your ride running right, let Airkooled Kustoms help. We offer a full line of professionally rebuilt engines, carburators and transaxles. We’ll have your VW purring like a kitten and running like a sewing machine in no time!
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All the Little Things

So your VW doesn’t need a complete face lift or full restoration? We also offer routine maintenance such as oil and transmission fluid changes, tune-ups, and more. Let us do the little things so you can get back to enjoying your time out on the road.

Free Life Lessons from A Man Named Spook

Having a bad day? Think you’ve got it rough? Needing a little perspective? Maybe a little Zen wisdom? Or maybe you just like a dark sense of humor. Next time you’re in the shop, tell Spook all about what’s bothering you. Nobody loves the sound of his own voice more than this guy!

I promise that you’ll leave with a new perspective on…. something. Can’t say exactly what that something will be, but you will have forgotten all about your problems and leave laughing and scratching your head. It does get pretty deep around here.

Got an off-the-wall idea? We LOVE that stuff!

Got a wild hair? An idea that you think has never been done? Email us, call us, or come by the shop and bounce it around. Bring the napkin you have it scribbled on. We’re artists and craftsmen, and we love challenges around here, and would love to talk to you about it.

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