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Porsche and Volkswagen Restoration Projects
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Check Out the Restored Volkswagens and Porsches We’ve Completed

These lovingly restored Volkswagens and Porsches began as nothing more than a rusted heap (in most cases) and a dream. They’ve been stripped down to bare metal, with every nut and bolt removed and painstakingly restored. Some were built to factory specs, as stock as the day they rolled off the assembly line. Others took a more custom design path. Bigger engines, custom interiors, paint colors formulated exclusively for our clients – there’s no real limit to how custom we can go (assuming your checkbook can keep up!).

Click through to see each project, and you’ll also find links to its build file. We document every stage of the project. If the before and after makes your jaw drop, you’re seeing what we’re seeing. If you’re considering sending your project our way, after you check out the restored Volkswagens and Porches we’ve completed, let’s talk about what you’ve got in mind.

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