what kind of Restoration?

There's a range of vw restorations. Want every nut and bolt, every speck of paint, pan-off? Or, just get it back on the road?
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Full Restoration

Bring us your rusty, beat-up Volkswagens that's 40-70 years old. In about a year, we'll hand you the keys to a jaw-droppingly gorgeous brand new, very old car. We can build the VW you've spec'd a million times in your head. Or we can help you recreate or revive the one you remember from your younger days. 

Here's how:

We'll help you through the design process. You'll face some important decisions, and we will shoot straight with you the whole way.

A full restoration means everything comes off... every nut, every bolt, ever drop of paint, and of course, the pan. We take a full inventory of what we can reuse, what we need to order, and what needs restoration first. It might sound weird, but anytime we take a part off that's going back on, we paint it first.

You'll decide what level restoration you want, too...
1. Better call Maaco. (Seriously. We don't do this.) The saddest thing we see is when someone brings us their newly "restored" Dub. We put it on the lift and discover it's held together with zip-ties... or worse. If we're going to do it, we're going to do it right.
2. This is a factory, bone-stock restoration. There are equipment updates we strongly encourage in order to keep you safe on the road.
3. Here, you've got a date night ride. You've got several safety upgrades and your paint is better than factory. While it's not the shiniest in the shop, you'll still be at least 83% better looking driving your Dub than before. It's science.
4. Behold the ultimate cruising car. If you really want to unleash our creativity, you'll ask for some extremely custom touches. Your paint is tighter; your gaps are more consistent. And that interior? Mmm mmm. Straight up , you're better than factory. A lot better.
5. Are you really going to drive that art? For some clients at this restoration level, the only mileage they get is rolling onto and off of a trailer at a show. But for others, they count the days until they can take their fully-custom, jaw-dropping piece of kinetic art for a drive. Either way, we're in the business of building the Dubs our clients dream up. Odd fact: these level 5 builds are actually easier in many ways.

Mechanical Restorations, Maintenance, and repairs

We're known for our insanely straight and shiny paint and high attention to detail. But we're also pretty passionate about keeping more air-cooled vehicles on the road. That's why, in addition to full restorations, we also offer mini- or mechanical restorations as well as maintenance and repairs.

We start with a 200-point bumper-to-bumper inspection on your ride. Then it's decision time. We'll let you know what repairs and replacements:

1. MUST be done to keep your ride roadworthy and safe.
2. MIGHT be good to do sooner than later.
3. MAY be smart to start planning for down the road.

Then, we get to work resurrecting your old Volkswagen so you can drive and enjoy it again.

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