(UPDATE (4/21/15): "Hot" Wheels Recovered After Theft from VW Car Show)

Fans, Friends, and Family. It is was with sad heart that we reported a dub theft yesterday at BaP in Chattanooga, TN. With that being said, here are some tips to help keep your ride safe at a show.

  1. Got Your Keys?
    Make sure you have your keys on your person. Shows can get busy when we find ourselves doing the grip and grin, catching up with old acquaintances, it's easy to forget.
  2. That Ride Won’t Run!
    If you're parked over night on the show grounds; pull your coil wire or even all the wires. Disabling the vehicle or at least making it hard to the old "run and roll". If it's hard for them to get moving quick they will probably look for easier pickings.
  3. Keep Your S.A. Up.
    Look out for your mates and their rides. Just you asking a question may run off a ne'er do well. Situational awareness is king. If you know someone is camping close to your baby, ask them to do a spot check on your ride, even if it's on the way to the crapper.
  4. Open Your Mouth.
    Report all suspicious activity and get as many details as you can about what you saw. Don't be a hero. We don't want your wig split open being a hero. Contact authorities and show personnel ASAP.
  5. Keep Your Deets Handy.
    Know your vehicles information. VIN, Registration, etc. having pics helps as well. You got a smart phone, let it make you smart. It helps during the reporting process if it does go missing.
  6. We’ve All Got “THAT” Friend…
    Make sure it wasn't one of your mates with "that" sense of humor. We have all seen that happen and know "that" guy.

This is Airkooled Kustoms’ Chief of Security with your Stay Alert, Stay Alive minute.

What are your safeguards for strange shows in strange lands?


Be on the lookout for this 1968 VW Drop Gate Single Cab, which was stolen from the East Ridge, TN at Camp Jordan, at the Bug-A-Palüsa VW car show. If you see it, call the cops!