Charity Car Show at Airkooled Kustoms

We're less than a day away from the charity car show at Airkooled Kustoms in Hazel Green, Alabama. The shop's in ship-shape and ready for campers to show up tonight, and a horde of volks to show up tomorrow. The krew worked hard to get it all looking good, cleaned up, and detailed.

Some were on detail detail today, in fact! The Dubs (and newcomer 1960 Porsche) are shined and sparkling. The weather's going to be great.

What's Up for this Year's Charity Car Show?

We've got "Innocent Monday" from Nashville coming to jam on the shop's porch. Crossing Paths Animal Rescue is our charity this year, and will benefit from donations and the 50/50 Engine Blow. We've got Tech Talks scheduled throughout the day.

Chupper Time Catering from Huntsville will join us - you will NOT go hungry. Mmmm mmmmm. You might even get a taste of Spook's legendary Meatloaf of Death, too.

Want to win one of Snoopy's exclusive LDDT trophies? This is the only show where you can get one... if the people vote for YOUR ride.

We Love Our Sponsors

We are grateful to our event sponsors, which this year include:

- Ed's Foreign Car Parts in Gadsden, AL
- FinishMasters of Huntsville, AL
- O'Reilly's of Hazel Green, AL
- Michael Case

Come on out! Gates open at 8:00 tomorrow, Saturday 10/15/16 and the show gears up at 10:00. Admission is free, and your donations are most appreciated as we help Crossing Paths Animal Rescue to rescue homeless pets in Alabama and help them find forever homes up north.

Parking for show cars is at 458 Guy Wilson Road, Hazel Green, AL 35750. For attendees (non-Dubs), parking has been graciously provided by Hazel Green Baptist Church, which is right around the corner - less than a block away.

Get even more details about the show right here on the event page. You can also pre-register your Dub or Porsche.

Can't wait to see you there!