Quick! Which VW Transporter Kombi Is Your Pick?

Does your taste run bone stock original or full-out Darkside kustom? It doesn't matter which VW Transporter Kombi you drag, haul, or drive to Airkooled Kustoms, we'll do it right.

It used to be that collectors only wanted Split Window Bus models. The thought of restoring a Bay Window Bus was met with lukewarm enthusiasm. Why bother sinking all that time and money into a less-desirable model? But then Split Windows became harder and harder to find. That made folks give the lowly Bay another look. Of course, as the pecking order shifted, that made Vanagons the low man on the totem pole. As you might predict, Bays have gotten harder to find as demand for them increased. So, guess what's next on the list to become desirable for restorations? You got it... Vanagons.

Now, no joke, the iconic air-cooled bus styles from about 1957 - 1979 are becoming harder to find. But we know where some stashes are and can get you one. We've even seen clients looking for VW Transporter Kombi conversions. Betty Bus is the best example we have in the shop to show you what happens when you take a panel bus and turn it into a camper

Here's a kool article about a UK shop. It specializes in modern-day conversions that keep the history of the VW Transporter conversion in mind along the lines of the Westfalia, Riviera, and even the Winnebago.

This company does transformations in which Volkswagen Transporter vans become a whole lot more awesome.

Volkswagen’s Transporter vans aren’t usually known for their stylish interiors, comfortable living spaces or modern kitchen facilities.

Coming in a range of shapes and sizes, the iconic van is now more than 65 years old. They are often used commercially due to their value, quality, and ability.

But one company is aiming to change the way people view and use these vehicles. They do that by converting them into sleek and stylish living spaces, offices, garages or whatever else their clients decide they want.

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Based in Pontyclun , New Wave Conversions have been transforming leisure vehicles since 2010.

Starting with just two staff members, the company now employs a dedicated team of specialists. They undertake conversions within the T5, T6, Caddy, Caddy-Maxi and Crafter range.

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The company offers a number of different conversion packages. They range from traditional holiday camping vans to everyday sports vehicles and beach vans.

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Emily Powell, head of sales at New Wave, said: “We try to make the conversions as personal as possible. So, we work on an appointment basis. We sit down with every client beforehand to fit the designs around their lifestyle and character.

“One of our most popular conversions is the ‘Traditional Lux Camper’. It comes with all of the functions required for a modern day camping experience.

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“We call it our ‘bread and butter’ package and we do at least one of these a month.

“The second most popular is the ‘Sports Multipurpose Conversion’. This comes with all of the functions for a day van/surf bus/ overnight sleeper.

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via This company transforms Volkswagen Transporter vans and the results are just awesome.

Classic or modern, no matter which VW Transporter Kombi you've got it bad for, there's a shop out there that can help you make your bus YOUR bus.

Looking for "VW restoration near me" so you can start your own project? We're located in North Alabama, just a few miles south of the Tennessee border. Give us a call at 256-828-2123 to schedule a visit to the shop if you're in the area. And if you're too far to make this a day trip, you're in good company. We've done restorations for clients all over the country. Many have never even set foot in the shop. We can arrange shipping for your vehicle or source one if you've got no project car to start with... piece of cake.

Right now the shop is full of buses. Be sure to check out what's currently on the floor at Airkooled Kustoms online. Or join us for our annual show every October.