Betty Bus


A much-loved, “experienced” old girl, Betty Bus had accumulated some rust over the years. OK, a LOT of rust, as in the “watch out walking near her because she bites!” kind of rust. Rumor has it there might have been a fence post holding her together. Betty began her life as a panel bus, and was converted into a camper in New York State.


Betty Bus will be a beauty. We’re doing a Level 3 restoration on her (out of 5 levels).

Here are some of the juicy details:

  • Silver and gray base
  • 1600 cc engine
  • Straight axel transmission

cc Engine

Rolled Off the Line

Fence Posts Prior to Restoration

Level Restoration

Bye Bye, Betty

Some CUF Magic

One Rusty Beauty

Rust Bites

Rockin' Rodney Removes the Rusty

Dripping with Beauty

Betty'll Ride in Style