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1966 Beetle | Fergie II

Fergie, the Karmann Ghia, is getting a sibling. We've very creatively named it... Fergie II. This one's in for a mild restoration, unlike the 1969 Karmann Ghia Coupe we built.

The juicy details:

  • We'll reshoot with the original paint color
  • Upgraded brakes
  • Interior to be redone
  • Airkewld beam


Once you've got one classic Volkswagen, you kind of need to have one of each. Just sayin'.

This 1966 VW Beetle has been kept up well and was restored about 20 years go.

So, we're just doing a little here and there to make Fergie II fit to share a garage with its predecessor, Fergie the Karmann Ghia.

We love doing multiple VW restorations for great clients... one at a time.
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