How to Buy a Karmann Ghia That's Both Very Old and Brand New

How to Buy a Karmann Ghia

If you're already to the point of wondering how to buy a Karmann Ghia, you've got it bad. There's just something about that shapely shape that'll get your eyebrows doing that waggly thing they do when you see something you like. 

Most Ghias that you see out and about (if you happen to live anywhere that Ghia owners hang out) are in various states of disrepair (AKA rusty and rocking a patina that might have you wondering how that Dub's still on the road) OR they've been restored. 

At Airkooled Kustoms, we just finished the restoration on one gorgeous 1971 Karmann Ghia - and we've got another one in the works, a gorgeous 1969 Karmann Ghia that goes perfectly with the song "Sex and Candy". 

You can go bone stock or completely custom - and either way, if we're doing it, the restoration will be done right. Our preference? Slammed to the ground.

Here's one that might just be low enough.

This Stunning Karmann Ghia Has A Dirty Little Secret – CarBuzz

Whether you approve of the mods this guy made to his VW Karmann Ghia or not, there’s no doubt he deserves respect for saving the thing. The car was bound for the scrap heap, and he saved it from death. He then added some Subaru power, transforming the iconic little sports car into something that will scare small children and make grown men laugh. Dubbed the turbocharged ice scraper for its slammed stance, this thing is so sweet.