Who Buys Classic Cars?

Who Buys Classic Cars

Yeah, we're kind of making "that" face looking at Ford's ad here, too. Wink and Jim might blow gaskets if they had extended conversations with a stereotypical hipster.

The ad doesn't make a whole lot of sense, when you think about some core elements of classic car ownership.

If you're rolling as is, say a resurrected vehicle that's not been restored, you've got to have some mad mechanical skills. That cardigan wouldn't last a minute as you slide underneath your ride to fix whatever's currently dripping. The hat? toast.

Maybe it's different with Fords, but the volks who buy classic Dubs are typically legitimately cool... or kool if they came to Airkooled Kustoms. Our clients are usually family people, often veterans, entrepreneurs, or engineers who've gained an appreciation for the brutal elegance of a classic VW's design. 

If you're looking at buying a classic car, you're going to need some combination of skills, money, or both to get it and keep it running. Add what's involved in a full restoration to the mix, and this funky little hipster with the cracked iPhone from the ad would probably spit his double foam decaf hazelnut macchiato through his nose.

Ford Tell Us What And Who Owns A Restomod.


‘Restomod Mustangs: The Hipsters of Cars are Vintage on the Outside but All-New on the Inside.’

From this article, Ford outline what is a restomod Mustang and highlights the type of guy who probably would buy a vehicle like this one.

I am not sure if the ‘hipster’ character is tongue in cheek or serious, but the association to me feels more like a fashion thing, rather than a true car enthusiast. For me, the rest of what represents a vehicle which goes to a true car enthusiast who knows exactly why a car has been treated this way and what goes into it. A true car fan. The ‘hipster’ character just doesn’t seem to fit that bill.

Like any vintage vehicle, no matter if it has had a complete makeover, still requires ongoing maintenance and care, so does this still fulfil the ‘hipster’ stereotype?

Maybe, maybe not, but the point here is that the article does thoroughly outline what is a restomod, I just wish they would have left out the hipster guy.


via Ford Tell Us What And Who Owns A Restomod. - Muscle Car