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1974 Standard Beetle | LB

LB’s made quick progress.

Some juicy details of this build:

  • 1776 Mill
  • 4-wheel disc brakes
  • Black…ish glass-like kustom paint all around from Spook’s color palette
  • 3-point electrical harness
  • Stock bumpers
  • Scat Pro car interior


LB rolled onto the Airkooled Kustoms grounds in pretty good condition – a sight that’s becoming more unusual by the day for classic Volkswagens. LB’s owner is… LB, a physician from a nearby southern state. Get this – this sweet 1974 Standard Beetle was his car in high school. He’s been hauling it around for a few years, waiting for the right time and the right shop to give it a beautiful new lease on life. The doc uttered some of our favorite words, “Do what you do best,” and essentially left the bulk of the design decisions up to us.
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Race-Balanced, Twin Carb Engine
4-Wheel Disc Brakes
+ Years of Waiting for a Restoration
Restoration Level Out of 5

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