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1973 VW Super Beetle Convertible | Pippen

This build is just too good-looking. We’ve added in air conditioning, an engine that’ll hum, and a juicy red stock paint finish on this 1973 VW Super Beetle Convertible.

This is a bone stock restoration: stock interior, stock color, stock engine, stock drum brakes, stock suspension… you get the idea. It’s like you stepped out of a time machine in 1973 and saw this beauty drive by. It would blend in perfectly.


We love working on family heirloom VW restoration projects, and this has been a great one. Pippen’s Supervert has been in the family for generations, and it was well taken care of all those years. When the client brought this early 1973 VW Super Beetle Convertible to Airkooled Kustoms, his own dad thought he was crazy… he knew the restoration would cost more than the car cost way back when he originally bought it. That’s not uncommon. These vehicles were built to be economical – but it’s no wonder they became the icons they are, and iconic requires an investment.

The car showed up with not much rust, but a lot of parking lot dings. The metalwork is strong with this one.
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Restoration Level out of 5
Super Vert with Round Windshield
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