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1973 Type 3 Variant | Burton's Squareback

Say hello to Miss Judy, the Burtons' Squareback. Whatever happened since 1973, this solid Type 3 Variant must have been wrapped in bubble wrap or something. It's one of the most solid project cars we've had the pleasure of welcoming to the Darkside. Very minimal rust, a little hail damage, and no hidden filler (or worse - we've seen some 'repairs' that would give you nightmares).

The juicy details:

  • Iozzio 17" wheels
  • LED light setup
  • Custom gauges
  • Modern stereo
  • 2235 cc engine with matching transmission
  • CRC shifter
  • 4-wheel disc brakes
  • Tinted windows
  • Airkewld front beam
  • Our rear setup
  • Custom sparkly white paint that still is magically subtle with the bling
  • De-chromed, de-badged, de-trimmed


The Burtons came ready to roll! They've planned the restoration of this VW Squareback like nobody's business, complete with an entire binder full of ideas and customizations they'd like to see.

Miss Judy once belonged to a friend, and now has a whole new lease on life. She will turn heads, for sure. But because the Type 3 Variant is so rare in the United States, we're not sure her admirers will even know what, exactly, they're looking at!
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cc Engine
CRC Shifter
Airkewld Front Beam
Iozzio Wheels

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