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1965 VW Beetle | The Sandman

This beauty of a 1965 VW Beetle is being built for Mr.M, a rather private gentleman. He decided that although he could afford a brand new car, what he really wanted was something with style. An engineer at heart, he thought this project all the way through, weighing all options on a spreadsheet.

His ride rocks a custom paint we’ve named Black Chrome, one of Spook’s exclusive blacks, accented with Grumpy Rancher Green, another one of Spook’s creations. Rolling a retro Cal-look custom, this Dub is murdered out and looks like it could vroom off the pages of a Marvel comic book. If you see it on the streets, be sure to look closely at the back. The deck lid is one of a kind.

The juicy details:

  • 1776 cc Dual Port Engine
  • Kustom Leather Interior
  • Wide 5 Disk Brake Upgrade
  • Freeway Flyer Transmission Built by Rusty Bottom Garage
  • Kustom Air Brushed Artwork Buried in Clear on the Deck Lid
  • 3″ Narrowed Beam
  • Dual Master Cylinder
  • Retro Sound Audio
  • Vintage Speed Classic Shifter
  • Hidden Automatic Powered Antenna
  • German Square Weave Carpet


A non-descript white 1965 VW Beetle rolled into the shop. We replaced the channels and pans, which is pretty standard. There was also the usual lower quarter panel work that needed to be done. For the most part, this project car cooperated in its restoration, right from the start.
When it arrived at the Airkooled Kustoms Volkswagen restoration shop, it wasn’t much to look at… But that’s about to change.
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Horsepower... Conservatively
Kustom Made Autometer Gauges
Vintage Speed Shifter
Three Inch Narrowed Beam

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