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1960 Volkswagen Panel Bus | Betty

Betty Bus is a beauty of a 1960 Volkswagen Panel Bus. We did a Level 3 restoration on her (out of 5 levels).

Here are some of the juicy details:

  • Silver and gray base
  • 1600 cc engine
  • Straight axel transmission

Betty Bus enjoyed her moment in the spotlight as a featured display at Huntsville's Hiley VW. Aside from having to shoo admirers away and eventually rope her off like a museum piece, she did pretty well and was a huge hit.


A much-loved, “experienced” old girl, this 1960 Volkswagen Panel Bus, Betty Bus, had accumulated some rust over the years. OK, a LOT of rust, as in the “watch out walking near her because she bites!” kind of rust. Rumor has it there might have been a fence post holding her together. Betty began her life as a panel bus, and was converted into a camper in New York State.
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cc Engine
Rolled Off the Line
Fence Posts Prior to Restoration
Level Restoration Out of 5

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