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Your first tool? A broom.
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Our “Timmy” position is another name for the Airkooled Kustoms internship program. The Krew always needs another Timmy! (You may be old if you know why we call this role Timmy)

Here’s what to expect from your internship:

  • One to two days a week working without pay.
  • You will be given the most menial jobs you can imagine. Basically, everything that nobody else wants to do.
  • Know that you are always being watched, and always being tested.
  • Must be patient, able to follow instruction, but also able to work autonomously.
  • Must have the physical ability to stand for prolonged periods of time and occasionally work in tight spaces.
  • Must have a good temperament, attention to detail, good work ethic, sense of humor, integrity, and love getting dirty.
  • Must be able to function well in a team environment.
  • Must Love Cars!

Why would anyone want to be a Timmy?

Beats us! Seriously though, some of our Timmys have gone on to become outstanding full-time Krew members. Crazy Uncle Floyd, whose picture you see on this page, was one of our favorite Timmys ever. He began by pushing a broom and painting some parts. Over time, he became our world-famous engine builder. Plus, nobody has a better smile or disposition than Floyd.

By serving in the internship program, Timmys learn whether they'll be a fit. They discover whether they really love Dubs or just kinda like 'em. And we see whether you bother to move stuff when you sweep.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, and you feel like you’re ready to endure the rigorous interview process, please follow the link below and fill out all required information. In the “Your Message” section, list all relevant experience, professional or otherwise, and why you would like to be considered for the position.
You may also email a resume, if you have one, to spook@airkooledkustoms.com. Type ““Timmy”” in the subject line of your email, and in the body of your email, type a brief introduction of yourself and why you would like to be considered for the position.
We wish you the best of luck.

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