How Much Is an Old VW Beetle Like This?

How Much Is an Old VW Beetle

Barely driven, found in a barn, original EVERYTHING. Now, that's a barn find! Most of the stuff we hear about people finding isn't in nearly such good shape. Usually, it looks more like something you might find in the Airkooled Kustoms boneyard. Dirty, dingy, dusty... ragged, rotten, rusty - just like Oscar the Grouch likes it.

One like this, in pristine condition... probably just needs a tune-up and some fresh fluids. 

Quite the rarity!

We've got a '74 Standard Beetle at the shop right now that came in in DECENT shape. Checking out here.

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Barely-driven 1974 VW Beetle barn find up for auction


 (Silverstone Auctions)

Remember the little old lady from Pasadena who only drove her car to church on Sundays?

Well, Armando Sgroi was an old man from Genoa, Italy, who bought a VW Beetle in 1974 to drive to services when the hills near his home got too tough for him to walk.

According to Silverstone Auctions, it was a very short trip that Sgroi finally gave up for good in 1978, when it was parked in a barn with less than 56 miles on the odometer.

It sat there in its original condition, still with the oil and tires supplied by the factory, until it was recently discovered. It’s since been cleaned up, but unmodified, and will soon be auctioned. The metallic blue coupe featuring a 1300 cc engine and the flat under the trunk floor spare tire of the Super Beetle, as it was known in the United States.

This one isn’t stateside. It’s in Denmark, where it will cross the auction block at the Classic Race Aarhus event on May 28th and is expected to attract bids of around $40,000, about twice as much as a 1974 Beetle in top condition that hasn’t been stored in a time capsule is worth today.


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