The Age-Old Question… How Fast Can a Volkswagen Bus Go?

How Fast Can a Volkswagen Bus Go

We get this question a lot, about pretty much every air-cooled vehicle we build. How fast can a Volkswagen bus go? It’s a good question – but it might be more accurate to ask how fast it can go… for a certain amount of time.

Sure, you can stuff a VW Bus full of go-fast goodies. But you’d better be sure all the other systems can handle the additional demands speed’s going to put on them. Basically, everything that makes you go… and stop needs to be upgraded to be built for speed.

We are proud to put one of the nation’s premier transmission builder’s trannies into our Dubs. If you want a VW that’s built for speed, you’ll want to be sure you get one Tony Walker built, too.

Quickest VW Air Cooled Bus in Europe – 11.422 @ 117mph

2016 Big Bang at Santa Pod Raceway.
Outlaw Flat Four Racer Phil Jarvis in his 2387cc 443bhp nitrous powered split screen panel van – The Fire Bus, put in 3 runs on Sunday all in the 11.4’s, with a quickest of 11.422 @ 117mph.
As of the 24th of April 2016, that makes him the fastest full bodied VW air-cooled Bus in Europe, and just a few hundredths behind the world best of 11.408 by Michael Cruze.

via Fastest VW Air Cooled Bus in Europe – 11.422 @ 117mph

So, now that you’ve got your answer about how fast can a Volkswagen bus gog, if you’re interested in doing a VW Bus restoration that will go… and stop, the next step is having a conversation with Airkooled Kustoms.

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