Custom VW Restoration

Airkooled Kustoms custom VW restoration shop is known for "doing it right." There's nowhere that's more visible than in our paint. No 50/50 jobs here - you know, looks good at 50 yards if you're driving 50 mph past it. In fact, the closer you come, the more closely you look, the better the finish looks.

This is Miss Mabel, the 1959 VW Beetle Ragtop the shop is preparing for the Ultimate VW Build-Off. It's in Las Vegas, October 1-4, 2015. Even though Mabel started out with a relatively sound body, she looked every bit of her nearly sixty years. Her once dull, gray, creased, dinged, patina body has been straightened, repaired, and perfected. Painted and polished to within an inch of her life, she now sports a paint job so slick and juicy that it's hard not to drool on her.

Making Paint Shiny -er

In this little clip, Spook shows her bling black finish in the shade and the sunlight. That's to demonstrate why people will be spending an inordinate amount of time looking at her. She looks sinister and shiny in the shade - brilliantly black and blingy in the sunlight - all the same finish, of course.

That's the hallmark of Airkooled Kustoms custom VW restoration projects. There's more to see than what your eye picks up right away. Ninja-like, right? With some builds out there, the hope is that you'll like the car and keep walking before you see what's wrong with it. It's the opposite with AKK builds. The longer you look, the more you love it, the more detail you see.

Mabel's finish is so fine that fans are mistaking it for a mirror in many of her build pictures.

If you'd like to see more, check out the build progress here:

And if you're planning to join us at the Ultimate VW Build-Off (, be sure to bring your sunglasses. We'd hate for Miss Mabel's shine to make you squint!

Inspired? Searching for "VW restoration shops near me" now that you've caught the bug? Airkooled Kustoms hails from Hazel Green, Alabama. But that doesn't mean you've got to live in the southeast to become a client. In fact, most of our clients live "yonder" (a southern term we've come to understand as "not here"). Some of them have project cars they've been hauling around for decades. Others have nothing more than a dream and a willing checkbook. We can arrange for transport for you to get your vehicle from hither and yon (we're not 100% on that one, but think it probably means "wherever you are") to the shop.

Just give us a call at 256-828-2123 or click to contact us online. The sooner we start talking about your project, the sooner you'll drive it.