Thinking of starting a classic car restoration project?

At Airkooled Kustoms, we’ve seen a lot of shortcuts people have tried. Here are just a few.

3 Secret Shortcuts for Building the Classic Car Restoration Project of Your Dreams

Who doesn’t love a good shortcut? Like…
Using your leaf blower to clean the gutters… or your living room.

Fantastic, right?

People love shortcuts. Shortcuts let you spend less time doing stuff you’ve got to do, so you can get to the good stuff faster.

What about car restoration? Restore fast so you can drive sooner, right? At Airkooled Kustoms, we’ve seen a lot of shortcuts people have tried. Here are just a few.

Should You Do THIS In Your Car Restoration?

How about this one: Throw Bondo On It. You know, get it close, get it to 40 grit, and then sculpt it with Bondo.


Might be faster, but... Even if it looks nice for a little while, before long, the plastic filler and the metal react to temperature differences and movement. The Bondo gets separated, falls off, and cracks under the paint.

Tip: Don't use it on any project you care about. There are better options out there, and you should only use the bare minimum of filler that’s needed. So, a no go on Bondo.

Will THIS Speed Your Vintage Car Restoration?

OK, how about this one: Good Enough Is Good Enough. As in, @(#$*… if I send my car out for blast, and all the rusty parts are taken off, there will be nothing left of it! Maybe I could just squoosh some fiberglass resin filler in that rusty spot and call it good.


Classic Car Restoration ProjectRust may not be a crime, but it’s got to be addressed. It’s like cancer, growing out of control and eating your car. Yes, cutting it out, replacing the metal, and then smoothing it down so the repair is invisible takes a LOT of work. But that’s the right way to do it.

Is THIS A Smart Move If You're Restoring A Classic Car?

Sheesh. OK, how about this paint prep shortcut? Use Newspaper for Masking.


You’re kidding right? Remember Silly Putty and the Sunday Comics? Long story short, there’s a chemistry problem here that’ll cause transfers and fisheyes. (You can ask Spook for the MUCH longer explanation… science, yo.)

Got it. Newspaper bad. Shortcuts bad, at least in car restoration.

Classic car restoration is not a quick project. It’s also not cheap… if you want it done right.

Why Even Bother Getting A Car Restored?

There’s only one reason you’d want to do a car restoration – and that’s because at some point, some classic car stole your heart and wouldn’t let go. You’ve been thinking about it for decades, hauling that car around with you (for real or just as a memory), waiting for the right time, the right shop. Are you going to get it done right? Or are you going to take shortcuts?

At Airkooled Kustoms, we do it right or we don’t do it at all. If you're ready, let's talk about your classic car restoration project. Tell us about your dream vintage car.