Custom Auto Paint and Paint Protection

What's custom auto paint without paint protection? What if we told you there's a coating we can apply to your restored classic Porsche or Volkswagen that would protect it from scratches and chips? Considering a custom car paint job costs a small fortune, because of all the hours in polish, adding this coating can save you heartache and money. Here, we ran a test of pads and compounds from 3M - our favorite - and used what we consider the best ceramic coat car paint protection on a build that's about to leave the shop.

Judge for yourself... shiny, shinier, or shinier-er?

Straight, Shiny Paint Is Hard Work

You wouldn't believe how much work goes into creating the kind of jaw-dropping straight and shiny finish. Depending on the car, we might come close to a thousand hours of work throughout the restoration process. Starting by taking the project vehicle down to bare metal, we go after the rust... and there's always rust. Replacing and repairing every panel, piece, and part, our goal is for each Volkswagen and Porsche restoration project we tackle to last for decades before needing another restoration.

After all the bodywork is complete, it's time for paint and polish. Some clients want a bone stock restoration featuring a color from the original factory lineup. Others want a kustom paint created by Spook. In that case, the color is used only once - on your build - then retired.. Either way, next comes the clear and then the polish - and now we also offer Ceramic Pro paint protection. Airkooled Kustoms is the official certified installer of Ceramic Pro in the Huntsville, Alabama area. Basically, it serves as a sacrificial layer over your paint job. You don't wax it - you just hose it off after hand-washing (use the two-bucket method), then dry with a high-quality microfiber towel.

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