So, what’s it like to work with Airkooled Kustoms on restoring a classic Volkswagen?

Many of our clients start off by watching from a safe distance. They follow pictures we post online showing the progress of our builds, or hang around and chat with us a bit at the local and national VW car shows we sponsor or attend. Sometimes they watch as a friend or family member gets a prized classic Volkswagen restored.

But all that watching doesn’t compare to actually getting started on your own VW restoration.

Here’s what happens when you become a Porsche or VW restoration shop client at Airkooled Kustoms…

The biggest shift is that your dream car, that classic Volkswagen or Porsche that’s been sitting in your garage or in your driveway (or under a tree!) for years, takes a major step toward becoming reality. Next thing you know, you’re online searching for “VW Restoration Shops Near Me” and hoping you find one in your hemisphere at least.

That brings up a great question you might have: What’s the holdup? Why don’t Airkooled Kustoms Porsche and Volkswagen restoration shop clients just do their restorations themselves? A Porsche, maybe, but how hard can it be to restore a Volkswagen?

Well, do-it-yourselfers work on classic cars all the time. That’s a completely valid way to get your classic VW or Porsche back on the road. In fact, there’s no more enjoyable way to spend your weekends than being up to your elbows in grease, tinkering under the deck lid of a Beetle, Karmann Ghia, VW Bus, Type 3, Type 4, 996, 993, or 911.

However, here are some reasons our clients entrust their Porsche or VW restoration project to us:

Maybe you don’t have the skills to restore your Porsche or Volkswagen.

Just a few of the skills involved include disassembly, sandblasting, rough metal work, welding, straightening the body, rust mitigation, painting, polishing, electrical wiring, pan work, transmission work, engine building, interior and upholstery, and assembly of the finished car. We’ve been at this for a long time. Every krew member goes through extensive on-the-job training. With this long in the restoration business, we’ve figured out what works best. We’ve also learned what doesn’t work at all. Most importantly, we know how to get the best possible end result on every vehicle we restore.

Maybe you don’t have the time to spend doing a Porsche or VW restoration on your own.

We’re professional Porsche and VW restorers, working on classic cars full-time (and then some), and it still usually takes more than a year to complete a vehicle. Of course, we do have this level of perfectionistic OCD that means it’s nothing for us to spend a hundred hours or more just on producing a paint job that most people would say was perfect (although of course, we’re never completely satisfied with it!). Who knows how long it would take for an air-cooled restoration project when it’s squeezed into your ‘spare’ time!

Maybe you don’t have the tools, equipment, or space to work on a Porsche or Volkswagen restoration project at home.

Come for a visit to the shop, and you’ll see what it takes to do a restoration. You’ll see walls lined with shelves full of parts, tools, and machines. Every single one of them are needed at some point in the restoration process. A shop tour is a great way to see a variety of projects in process.

Got Space? Tools? Know-How?

We don’t know of too many VW and Porsche enthusiasts who’ve got the space, equipment, or tools to complete a project like this. And can you imagine how tired your family would get of never being able to use the garage because your hobby car is in there? Worse yet, can you imagine how your blood pressure would shoot through the roof if someone bumped or scratched your ride’s new paint job that you just spent months trying to get just right?

Maybe you know you’d end up in over your head if you started a VW or Porsche restoration on your own.

There are some excellent books out there for do-it-yourselfers who want to take on a project like this. There are also tons of videos showing how to do certain pieces of the project. You can probably even find someone to give you advice on your restoration if you participate in local classic car clubs.

But here’s the thing… These are OLD cars.

It’s nearly impossible to know exactly what you’ll need to do in a restoration project until you’re into it. Maybe your Beetle had an unfortunate meeting with a tree. Maybe rust has been eating your Porsche for the past few decades. Or maybe someone, somewhere went wild with the Bondo (by the way, we don’t do that!). It even happens sometimes here at the shop – we take a vehicle down to bare metal and then stand there in shock for a moment, wondering why someone did what they did to it. (True story – one Beetle came in from Missouri and during disassembly, we discovered someone had used CEMENT to try to repair a heater channel!)

Good as new… Only better.

One of our goals is that when we complete your restoration and after another forty years or so your classic VW is due for another redo, whoever does it then says, “Wow! Whoever worked on this one before did some fine work!”

Or, maybe your classic Volkswagen or Porsche carries such deep, personal meaning to you, that you won’t entrust it to just anyone.

At Airkooled Kustoms, we’re more than a little obsessive with the care we pour into your project. We know that every classic car or bus restoration we touch means way more to its owner than being “just a car”. We understand that not only are we working with vintage steel; we’re working with our clients’ memories and dreams. We take that responsibility very seriously.

So, if you’ve been running searches looking for Porsche or VW restoration near me, and you’re anywhere in North America, you’ve got your answer. We’ve had the pleasure of completing restoration projects for clients all over the country. Some folks are near enough to come in for a face-to-face tour. Others just ship their vehicles to us. Still others ask us to source their project car, bus, or truck for them.

Bringin’ Volks to the Darkside, One Dub at a Time!

Airkooled Kustoms is all about customization. We think of it as creating kinetic art you can drive. Are you a purist who wants a bone stock vehicle that looks as factory correct as possible? Or, are you a true darksider with a vision in your head for the personalized, customized vehicle you’ve dreamt of owning? Either way, if you’re a good fit for Airkooled Kustoms, we can build that vehicle.

Doing It Right… There Is No Other Option Here

With a passion, we stand behind everything we do, because we do it right. Nothing makes us happier than that day when we hand over the keys to your new old car. Seeing the look on your face when you see what had only been in your memory or imagination before now right there in steel, rubber, and glass… there’s nothing better.

Airkooled Kustoms is One of the Best Porsche and VW Restoration Shops Out There

You’ve read a bit about what it’s like being one of our clients. Now you see why working with us beats your other Porsche and VW restoration options. You’re also getting the picture on why you can trust us to turn your vision for your vehicle into a reality you can drive. Now the next move is yours.

Contact the Airkooled Kustoms shop to discuss your project. If we both decide we’re a good fit, we’ll take the next step together on your classic Porsche or VW restoration. Most likely, that next step will be getting you onto our calendar. Because of how we work and our supreme dedication and focus to each classic car and bus we touch, it’s not uncommon for us to book projects well in advance.

Your Dream VW Starts with a Call or Click!