1952 Zwitter | Sarah


Not every Dub is “worth” saving, just because it’s not always economically feasible to replace all the rusty bits. But this one? A no-brainer. Kept under a tarp for decades, home to feral cats, and stalked by our client (who didn’t really know what he was looking at – he just loved it), this rare Beetle is finally getting the restoration of a lifetime. 

This “Zwitter” (German for hermaphrodite) is an extremely low production Beetle bearing the distinctive combination of a split back window plus an Oval’s dash. Sarah also has semaphore turn signals, which we think are freaking kool.


After 26 years spent chasing this rare beauty and offering to buy it, Mr. R finally caught it. A hardware engineer working for a tech giant, he wasn’t fully aware of exactly what he had until he had it – though he did realize the fenders it came with were 1968’s. Purists, you may want to shield your eyes for the duration of this build. It’s going to be customized within an inch of its life. But don’t worry, while we’re going to drop it low, we’ve saved the original chassis for the client. Should he ever decide to sell her (yeah, right), he can offer up the numbers-matching chassis to go with it.

Oh, and he’s planning to drive the living daylights out of this ride.

The juicy details:

  • CoolRydes Customs Suspension
  • LED lights
  • Kustom wiring harness
  • 3-spoke steering wheel (produced from 1948-1945)
  • Semaphore turn signals
  • Crotch cooler vents
  • 3-fold ragtop
  • 2-tone kustom paint
  • Aussie trim

cc Engine

CRC Suspension

Fold Ragtop

Level Restoration

Onward and Upward

Split Standard Steering Wheel

Light 'Er Up!

Nothing But the Best

Rebuilt Speedo from Hollywood Speedometer