Mojoe was one sad-looking Super after a total of nearly fourteen years of not being driven. The engine was tired. The Iberian Red paint finish had dulled to a dusty tomato soup hue, the transmission had grown notchy, all the rubber had dry rotted, and the brakes were well past the end of their lifespan. Most alarming was seeing how the ravages of rust had bitten holes in the pans.



This brand new 40+ year-old Super Beetle boasts a signature glossy finish over its BMW Interlago Blue paint job. Mojoe has an upgraded adjustable front suspension, front and rear sway bars, and heavy-duty axels. It’s got an all-new electrical system. The engine is a 1914 race-balanced twin carbed with a fat boy exhaust, and a custom-built 3-way flyer transmission to back it up.

The interior of the body was sound deadened, and Matt went with an all-black SCAT interior with reupholstered rear seats. He also chose an EMPI Eliminator shifter made by Flat Four.

Exterior goodies include MP8 spokes with 2-point spinners customized with AKK logos. All the trim has been shaved, the pop-outs custom painted, and the crescent vents are now filled in for an extra sleek appearance. Matt chose Tri Bar Diamond Cut H4 Headlights. Modifications were made to relocate the turn signals and running lights to be within the front grille, while the rear taillight tombstones were changed out to a 1969 version.


Race-Balanced, Twin Carb Engine

Kustom 3-Way Flyer Transmission

EMPI Eliminator Shifter

Tri Bar Diamond Cut H4 Headlights

Rust Bites

Spook Sparks

Mojoe Smiles

Some Shops Get ALL the Red Bugs

Almost Want to Lick It?