Patsy's Thing


This Thing did time at a body shop, where it… theoretically, it had some metal work done and was ready for paint. Blast, metal, primer, and out the door it went. But on further inspection, once we got it over to the Darkside, we found some surprises. Bubbling rust underneath fresh repairs tipped us off that something was not quite right. Off to blast it went, where all sins were revealed – including Kevlar (kitty hair Bondo) slapped onto rust holes. 



The juicy details for this 1974 Volkswagen Thing:

  • Disc brake upgrade up front
  • Better than showroom paint, in its original Canary Yellow
  • Fully restored interior, featuring coco mats
  • USB stereo just for kicks
  • Custom pinstriping by Rick Harris

Colorized Bedliner

Rolled Off the Line

Level Restoration - Out of 5

+ Kustom Touches

Sunshine Brings Things to Light

Don't You Hate Having Holes in Your Thing?

Wiry Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

The Thing About Sparks

Putting Things Back Together