Bumble Bee


Over the years, Bumble Bee’s dull yellow paint morphed into a moldy green color some designer might have named “Hanging Moss”. This is the kind of restoration project Spook and the krew at Airkooled Kustoms love best – a client who knows what he wants, but leaves room for the guys to go a bit Darkside in the process.

If ‘dirty’ had been the only problem this poor Super had, that would have been one thing, but that word doesn’t begin to describe what the guys found. Top of the list, a pair of dead rodents of undetermined species, age, and time of death. There’s a reason the krew uses masks and gloves when cleaning out new arrivals. Also, after blast, it was clear that the car had been hit badly in the driver’s front – and repaired even worse.


Bumble Bee was built as a gift for a girlfriend – can you believe that? Smart guy – of course she married him! After all, who could resist a suitor like that? Over the course of Bumble Bee’s build, here are some of the improvements we made:

  • 1914 cc dual port engine
  • fully balanced 
twin carb- idf-40
  • front disk brakes
  • topline front suspension package with oversized sway bar
  • rear is an AKK upgrade featuring stock-ish, over-sized sway bars
  • stage 3 freeway flyer transmission
  • 205/65 out back 185/60 front Empi 8 spoke with spinner caps and the AKK logo

The shop also created a cleaner bodyline by fixing the rusty crescent air vent holes, giving it a ’69 and below style by removing the crescent vents completely. Swapping out the taillights for 68’s also helped to clean up the lines. Tri-Bar headlights and a gremlin bell were also added, as with all Airkooled Kustoms vehicles.




cc Dual Port Engine

Front Disk Brakes

EMPI Spoke with Spinner Caps

Fully-Balanced Twin Carb IDF

Been a While, Huh?

Bee Parts Off to Blast

Um, Thomas????

That's Just Badass, Bee.

Practically Twins