Paz Ghia

Rusty Karmann Ghia


A word to the wise… sourcing a Karmann Ghia from Florida probably means rust and rot. The OG (Original German) Paz brought was so rotten that all we could salvage was:

  • the hood
  • the door hardware
  • the motor

You know it’s bad when the parts car becomes the build car! And don’t even ask about the pan… the original had fiberglass halfway up the body on the inside to “repair” the rotten floors and channels.

1971 Karmann Ghia Convertible


This build started off life as a 1972-73, with wraparound turn signals and square bumpers. We needed to fix the nose and tail anyway, so grafted on a 1967-69 nose and clipped the rear. Here’s the tour of this beautiful build:

  • Red 9 Design Suspension
  • Kustom AKK Paint in Azure Blue
  • Light Tan Interior for the Door Cards
  • BMW Power Seats Wrapped in the Same Leather
  • Kustom Mounting
  • TMI Cloth Convertible Top
  • Black Square Weave Carpet (Made in the USA)
  • Inspected, Cleaned, Painted Motor and Transmission
  • Stock Rims with Aluminum Trim and Hubcaps

BMW Power Seats

Stock Rims with Aluminum Trim

Red 9 Design Suspension

cc Stock Dual Port Engine


OCD, Engage

Pieces and Parts

Wetter Is Better

Come Together, Right Now