Linker's Herbie


This sweet Euro Beetle has been in the same family for its whole life. In fact, until it came to the Darkside, it had never lived outside a single county. Ms. Linker’s taken on the project of restoring little Herbie, and with his total redo, there are many decades ahead for him. Yes, he’s Herbie; but no, he won’t have stripes or a racing number.


Good ole Herbie’s restoration is a stock build, so we’re returning him to all his former glory.

The juicy details:

  • 1600 cc Dual Port Engine
  • Stock Interior
  • Front Disk Brake Upgrade
  • Stock (original) transmission
  • Dual Master Cylinder

Family Beetle

New Disc Brakes

cc Engine

The Years Are Unkind

No Identity Crisis Here

The Better to See With

Hear Only What You Wish

Outside-In then Inside-Out