Miss Mabel

1959 Volkswagen Beetle Ragtop


Spook’s been hauling this sweet 1959 Volkswagen Beetle Ragtop around since Arizona. You know how it goes – the cobbler’s kids run barefoot. He found her on the Samba, in Phoenix Oregon… when he lived in Phoenix, Arizona. He persuaded his brother Trent to go get her and drag her back to his house until he could go get her. Good guy that he is, Trent agreed.

When Spook finally got her home, he discovered he’d allowed the hood to be bent backward, creating a gasp-worthy crease. He’s fixed it, though. Her body didn’t have a ton of rust and was in good shape, especially considering her age.

Mabel’s begun a complete restoration, and one like the shop’s never done before. She is our entry in the Ultimate VW Build-Off to be held in Las Vegas in October 2015. This is a self-funded project (limited to $20K in parts), which is very kool because the guys will get to build her exactly the way they want – but this Dub perfection in the making comes at a steep price, including thousands of hours of labor (unbillable!).

It’s a huge show, and it’s quite an honor to be invited to participate. It’s even a greater honor to get to show off the fine workmanship of our sponsors. We’re still looking for sponsors to help get the krew out to Vegas in October. We’ll be hauling, so it will mean four days out, four at the show, and four to get home.

Click below to learn about becoming an Official Sponsor of Mabel for the Las Vegas Ultimate VW Build-Off.


After making the rounds at local shows (once she’s recovered from her trip to Vegas) Miss Mabel, the 1959 Volkswagen Beetle Ragtop, will become the pride and joy of Princess Patina, who will no doubt never sleep a wink again because she’ll be standing guard to ensure nobody drools on the paint finish.

Details for this beauty include:

  • Suspension by Red 9 Design
  • Transmission by Aircooled Werk
  • 1600 cc Dual Port Engine
  • Dual Dellorto Carbs
  • Front Disk Brakes
  • Kustom badge design by Snoopy
  • Kustom Black and Red Exterior – colors created by Spook
  • Hydro-Coating by Illusions Custom Coatings
  • Kustoms Leatherette Interior created by Mountain Honey
  • 3-D printed emblem by Perkins Tech Services
  • Kustom speedometer by Dell’s North Georgia
  • Countless kustom elements from the gear shifter to the knobs to the courtesy lighting. You’ll just have to stare at her a long while to “see” what you’re seeing.

$ Parts Cap for the Build-Off


Darkside Kustom

Corporate Build Sponsors... So Far

Estimated Krew Hours

Rust Is Not a Crime

Sub-Assembly Required

Scritch, Scratch, Scrub

Attention from CUF

Getting Her Beauty Sleep