Tom brought us a core frame to use in Reaper, but back then we didn’t have the photo equipment we’ve got now – so we’ve just got little bitty pics. Just as well, because what we’re building bears no resemblance to what we started with. This is a truly kustom trike the likes of which have never rolled anywhere, anytime.


THIS is an insane ride. 100% kustom, even down to fitting the seat to Tom’s… seat. Reaper is so sinister that even if you walk by her, you will get cut. Everyone who’s worked on her has made a blood sacrifice (or ten). As Spook jokes (not joking), “If you ride through a crowd on Reaper, you come out on the other side with shish kebabs.”

The build has evolved over the years, and so have her specs. Here’s what we’re planning at this point:

  • A Volkswagen BUS motor (yeah)
  • Stage 4 IRS transmission
  • Headlight is the Airkooled Kustoms logo… in 3D
  • Air cleaners will match the headlight
  • Kustom fuel tank
  • Springer front end
  • Hand-formed frame

You probably do NOT want to ride Reaper, even if you think you do.



Brave Owner

Cuts Sustained During the Build

Of a Kind

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Toby Approved

What Part of Kustom Didn't You Understand?

What Makes You Think She Won't Cut You?

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