Cabral's Westie


Seems that every Dub that hails from Florida bears the same markings – rust. Lots of it. When Cabral’s bus arrived at the shop, it quickly became clear that he’d need to spend the bulk of his restoration project budget on metal work to remove the rust. Not great news. Good thing our boneyard had a better option. Take the core from the yard and the bus from Florida, do a little swapping of shells, and the project moved forward.



This sweet Westie is going to be one gorgeous ride about town. Here are some of the juicy details:

  • BRM rims
  • Air conditioner to be installed, from Gilmore Enterprises
  • Manual transmission gets change out, automatic transmission added in

Liter Engine

Tone Paint in Spook-Made Colors

BRM Rims

Automatic Transmission

Day One

Early Mornings, Late Nights

CUF Love


Wet Westie