Curran's Ghia


The Currans, both veterans of our Armed Forces, decided it was time for the Mrs. to have the Karmann Ghia of her dreams and memories. So, they got one. Easy, right?

Well… maybe not. Wisely, when they realized their Ghia seemed “off” and the steering seemed sloppy, they brought it to Airkooled Kustoms for an inspection.

The more we looked, the more our stomachs lurched. Let’s just say there was a LOT of lipstick on that pig. It was a backyard restoration done poorly, masked with shiny aftermarket parts including a radio, parcel tray, and TMI slip covers. Honestly, the fit and finish wasn’t that bad… if you squinted as you took a peek while rolling by at 50 m.p.h. Let’s just say: This ride was unsafe… even sitting still – much less on the road. If it had been hit front and back, it would have folded like a taco. Those ZIP TIES replacing legit fasteners… let’s say they were not a wise design choice.

So, the Currans decided to start from scratch. And this time, the project would be done the right way. We sourced a donor core to begin for real.


Aptly named, the kustom tri-stage paint Spook created for the Currans is now named Snow Blind. You’ll want to take her outside under the sunlight to get the full jaw-dropping effect.

The juicy details:

  • Disk Brake Upgrade
  • Upgraded Suspension Package with Rear Sway Bar
  • 3″ Narrowed Beam
  • Kustom Paint
  • Semi-Kustom Interior by Mountain Honey
  • EMPI 8 spoke aluminum rims
  • 1776 cc Engine
  • Stage 2 transmission by Aircooled Werks

Happy Ending to a Sad Story

Rolled Off the Line

Level Restoration - Out of 5

cc Engine

The Do-Over Done Right

Perfect Perforations?

Got a Rip? Stitch it Up

The Pan's Under Here... Somewhere

What a Difference Doing It Right Makes