Kaden's Bug Willie


This sweet Beetle has been a pleasure to restore, from the moment he rolled into the shop. A tribute project being lovingly restored in memory of a little boy named Kayden, Willie has cooperated at every step in the restoration process. As 00Dub said, “That car wants to be built.”

Not sure we’ve ever had a car that came into the shop in such sound condition, body-wise. Just a few small patches of rust to fix, and despite the usual dings anyone would show with 40+ years of life experience, Willie was in good shape.

This is the first classic car restoration we’ve ever done as a tribute – and for sure, the first we’ve ever done for a little guy who left the world way too soon. At first, the krew kept complaining that they “must have gotten some dust in their eyes” every time they thought about this build. Now, we are all just so proud to be part of such a fitting tribute to a little dude who would have made a great Dubber, or anything else he might have become. Kaden, we hope you love Willie as much as we love building him for you.


Willie will be as slick as Dubs get, and is guaranteed to leave people “marveling” at it (even though Green Lantern’s a DC guy).

The juicy details:

  • Rag-top Conversion
  • Dash Converted to a 1967 Style
  • Disk Brake Upgrade
  • Upgraded Suspension Package with Rear Sway Bar
  • 3″ Narrowed Beam
  • Kustom Paint with Hydro Dipped Accents
  • Kustom Interior by Mountain Honey
  • Deep Dish Smoothies in Back, Smoothies Up Front
  • Probably a 1776 cc Engine

Very Special Dub-Loving Boy

Rolled Off the Line

Level Restoration - Out of 5

+ Kustom Touches

A Super-Sound Body to Start

Off to Blast and Wearing a Halo

Sandy But No Day at the Beach

Seal It Up

Peeking at Willie