Sweet Mazzy


VW Girl’s 1964 VW Notchback had an unfortunate meeting one day, and came to Airkooled Kustoms to be fixed. Notchbacks are a rare sight in the USA. This one was bought in Arkansas from a guy who got it from a guy in Italy.

While it was being rear-ended that led to Mazzy’s arrival at Airkooled Kustoms, now’s as good a time as any for some TLC and body work to remove signs of rust. We’ll get her back to her formerly beautiful self; she’s in good hands.


The goal of this project is to get Mazzy back to her stock glory days. We’ll clean, paint, and reassemble her, then get her back on the road.

Years VW Girl Has Known Spook and AKK

Imported Notchbacks to USA Dealers

Volkswagens Owned by VW Girl

Miles to Mazzy's Birthplace in Italy

Notch Rolling In

Not Always What They Seem

Blasted Notch

Plan for Improvement

Blast and Build