Ron's Double Cab


VW Double Cabs aren’t everywhere, you know. So when Ron decided that two new vintage VWs were needed in his family (we were already doing Bumble Bee for his girlfriend at the time, who’s now his wife), and that his would be a double cab, we went looking. Thing is, with the rarer models, it can take some hunting to source a good project vehicle. We found his in Sacramento. Our friend Robert Skinner of Skinner Classics went to give it a look. When he gave us the thumbs up, we had the truck shipped to Hazel Green.

All in all, it was in decent shape for a 50+ year old work truck. Lots of metal work to do, but we’re starting with a good core.


Ron wanted a daily driver like no other. It will be murdered out, slightly lowered, and as sinister-looking as they come. Here are a few details of the build plan:

  • Red 9 Design front suspension
  • Rack and pinion steering
  • 2-wheel disk brakes in front
  • Rear suspension will be an Airkooled Kustoms Stage 2
  • Custom fuel tank in the treasure chest.
  • Black on black on black paint


Stage 3 Transmission


Triple Badass Black Paint

Double Cab on the Darkside

Every Project Starts Somewhere

Rough Metal

Fire Does Fix It - Well, Sparks

Do You See What We See?

Luxe Interior