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Custom Volkswagen Restoration

Custom Volkswagen Restoration

What color do you want us to paint yours?

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Professional Paint & Body

Blasting, sanding, sealing, priming, painting, cutting, buffing & clearing… we know what needs to be done to give your baby the smoothest body and the slickest look. Whether you prefer a single color or have something more sinister in mind, we can bring your vision to life. We specialize in high-end Classic Volkswagen restorations.

Custom Design & Fabrication

Metal is our medium. We can fabricate just about any part you may need to give your wheels the one-of-a-kind kustom presence and added functionality you’re looking for. We’ll set your ride apart from the crowd. We can also help guide you through the decision process, if you’re not quite sure what you want versus what you can afford.

Custom Suspensions

We’re pros at giving your classic Volkswagen that lowered look you’ve always wanted. From custom built narrowed front beams, to air-ride suspensions or installing a Top Line kit in your Super Beetle, we know how to slam your ride.

Hang Out a While

Shop for Airkooled Kustoms branded t-shirts, work shirts, shop jackets, and other swag.

Peek at the classic Volkswagen restorations we’re working on now.

See the completed VW restorations bearing the distinction of being an Airkooled Kustoms car.

Meet the Airkooled Kustoms Krew.

Contact Spook or Dub to see whether Airkooled Kustoms is the best fit for building your custom VW.

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Can’t Make It to Bugs N Bräts This Year? Join Us Online

We’re ready for our closeup! Hope you’ll make it here in person. That’s the only way to enjoy all we’ve got lined up – and you might even get to taste Spook’s Meatloaf of Death. But if you can’t be here in the flesh, be here...

AKK in Print – Check this out and get your FREE copy

We’re EXCITED to have the shop featured in the book “HERE’S HOW I DID IT!”. The book will available for download and purchase soon, published by Stardom Publishing. Here’s a quick interview the publisher did with Spook   We’ve arranged for FREE...

We Heard You! Working on Live Streaming Bugs N Bräts 2014

There’s a lot of prep that goes into producing our VW car show at the shop, which is in 9 days. Testing out a live broadcast, and it seems like it worked pretty well. Check it out here, and get a preview of the show. Excuse our mess… it always looks worse...

Volkswagen Repair – 1966 21 Window Rag Top

Watch Hudson do a Volkswagen repair on a really bad prior repair inflicted on Jesse’s Girl sometime in her past Really bad. Like, shaking your head while saying bad words kind of bad. We’ll fix...

Goings On in the AKK Volkswagen Garage

Ever wonder what goes on in a Volkswagen garage? Here’s your chance to find out. We’ve got Dammit John working on his Popeye forearms. (Word to the wise… NEVER arm-wrestle a metal worker. It will not end well.) Then Dub doing a disappearing Ninja to...
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